Welcome to Room 3's blog. During the rest of this year we will update our blog with things we have been doing and learning in class. We will also add learning games and activities you can do at home. Come back regularly to see what we have been doing. Feel free to add comments to our posts, we love reading them (Just come and see Miss Dalton if you want to learn how to add a comment on our blog)

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Buddy Reading

On Friday we met with our buddy class to share our library books and to listen to some of their books. We love spending time with our big buddies and had a great time reading together. Thanks Room 6!

Here is a photostory of our time together and a movie trailer made by Ezra (From Room 6)

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Assembly Item

On Friday Room 3 performed our assembly item for the school. We worked hard to make a movie about PRIDE and to learn and perform a song about determination. We loved showing the school what we have learnt.

Here is our Movie, followed by our performance of 'Stronger' by Will I am and the Sesame Street characters.

The Magic Watermelon

Last week Miss Dalton brought a watermelon to school. We wondered if it was going to be a normal pink watermelon or a 'magic' yellow watermelon. We got a great surprise when we cut it open!
Here are some photo's and stories to share.

The Magic Watermelon on PhotoPeach

Friday, 7 March 2014

Protecting our Hearing

Carolyn came to school to teach us all about our ears and protecting our hearing.  Here is a little movie about what we learnt.

Protecting our Hearing on PhotoPeach