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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Koru the Kiwi comes to visit.

Last Friday Koru the Kiwi came to visit us with his friend Fiona.  They came to help us learn about being safe around the water. 

Alison Shanks Visits Parkvale School

Thomas's aunt to be, Alison Shanks came to visit us at Parkvale School.  She showed us a video of her racing and all the gear she uses to race.  She talked about what it is like to go to the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games and showed us her medals.  Thomas tried on Alison's racing clothes.  Doesn't he look SPEEDY!

Monarch Butterflies

Louie brought two monarch butterflies to school.  They had hatched out of their chrysalis's at his house.  We looked at them for the day then took them outside to release them.

Kayla Brought a swan plant to school with some caterpillars on it.  We watched them slowly eat away the plant then change into chrysalis's.  We noticed that they slowly changed from green to black and orange.  One day while we were writing our stories one of the butterflies came out of its chrysalis.  
We found out that the butterfly was a boy.  We know it was a boy because it had a black spot on its bottom wing. Here is the video of it coming out.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Book Week Dress Up Day

At the end of Term 1 we had a Book Week dress up day.  We came as all sorts of different characters.  Watch our movies to see who we came as!

Book Week Movie 1

Book Week Movie 2

Shape Pictures

We have been learning about shapes in Room 3.  We made some shape pictures and wrote stories about our pictures.  Here are a few.

I used two squares, two hexagons, four diamonds, one triangle and one trapezoid to make my crown.               By Thomas

I made a girl.  I used triangles, a circle and ten diamonds.  She has three trapezoids for her body.        By Emma B

I made a robot to save the day. ‘You are the hero.’ said Louie’s dad.         By Louie

I made a monster.  It has three squares for a mouth.            By Faith

I made a bird called Pippa and a bird called Renee.               By Amie

I made a shooter.  It shoots when baddies come.               By Teague