Welcome to Room 3's blog. During the rest of this year we will update our blog with things we have been doing and learning in class. We will also add learning games and activities you can do at home. Come back regularly to see what we have been doing. Feel free to add comments to our posts, we love reading them (Just come and see Miss Dalton if you want to learn how to add a comment on our blog)

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Room 3 in Mandy's Garden

Here are the Room 3 children performing their parts in Mandy's Garden.  We hope you enjoy watching us!

Mandy's Garden Photo's

We have had so much fun performing Mandy's Garden for all our families and friends.
Here are some photo's of us dressed up in our costumes and performing on stage.

The Lovely Dancing Flowers

The Superhero's

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Working Together

On Tuesday afternoon after our Matinee Production performance we had some time to create and practice working together.  We learn't how to use 'old fashion' spinning tops, made creations out of scrap paper, made a big chalk picture outside, used shapes and hammers and nails to make shape picture and used the incredible foam to make sculptures.
Here are some photos of us working together.