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Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Crazy Mountain Biker

On Thursday this week we watched a little video Miss Dalton found of a man (Geoff Gulevich) competing in a Red Bull Rampage downhill Mountain bike competition. We couldn't believe our eyes and made lots of excited, shocked and amazed noises while we watched it.
Here is the video and a few of our stories about what we saw.

I can’t believe this crazy guy jumped off the high, steep cliff on his super mountain bike.
He zoomed down the rocky hill and he was lucky the wheels didn't break when he landed on the rocks.  
At the finish he was proud of himself.
By Nehemiah

Wow! I can’t believe my eyes.  That man was doing those dangerous jumps and going on steep sides of the mountain, riding a mountain bike on a steep trail.
He was crazy and he didn't like the wind around him.
By Bailee

Zippety zip!  The cool mountain biker grabbed the handles tightly.
Bump! He went down the rocky narrow trail.
I’m starting to like this guy!  His jumps were awesome!
On the top of the hill there were trails in the brown dust.  The bike was a yellow one.
The crowd waved to show the race was finished.
By Mason

Bump! Bump! went this crazy mountain biker on his big mountain bike.
‘Wow’ I said to myself in my mind.
The crazy guy jumped on his mountain bike really high and zoomed down a steep path.
I think he was very afraid of the wind because he needed to stay on the path and the wind might blow him and his bike on to another path and fall down and crack his head.  ‘I don’t like this wind.’ He said.
Puff, puff he went.  At the finish line everyone clapped and cheered but I think he didn’t want to do it again!
By Rain

I can’t believe my eyes!
That man is crazy and going nuts on his mountain bike.
He leapt off the mountain cliff and across the giant, rocky, windy trail.
He was amazing and at the end the man felt proud of himself.
By Sophie M

Shick! The crazy man was on a scary mountain.
He nearly got himself killed because he jumped the enormous ramp and he flipped off the really, really big hill.  He was freaked out!
By Luke

Zig-zag. Zoom! went the crazy man on his bike.
He was puffed because his heart was beating so fast it couldn't stop.
He was tired, proud too, I think.
I felt like I was scared and riding with him.
By Journey

Whooa! I said to myself.
My favourite bit was the awesome flips and the jumps.
‘Stop!’ I said.
That was a little bit scary for me, just a little bit.
By Ruben

I couldn’t believe that mountain bike man rode off the cliff top, sped off the hill, down the swirly path and into the long ditch.
He flipped up the ditch, turned around in the air and landed on the bumpy hard surface.
He was puffed out and relieved that he was still alive!
By Caitlyn

Woosh! He flew through the air and landed with a bang on the dusty path. 
He did big jumps off the cliff.
At the finish line everyone cheered loudly.
By Hunta

Ready, set, Go! The crazy man zig-zagged down, down, down, deep, deep, deep.  The bike was strong.
There were big, big bumps and cracks all around the path.
The crazy man went down the black thing with the stripes.
The crazy man jumped off the cliff, turned around in the sky and skidded.
I couldn’t believe myself. Wow, wow, wow.  That was amazing!  My eyes were turning around in circles.
Yay, yay, yay, you are going to win crazy guy.  You can do it!  And zoom, he was the winner!
By Julia

I can’t believe my eyes.
The man went really fast down the steep hill.
It was incredible.  I loved it!
By Kamora-Lee

I couldn’t believe myself because the man was flying like a bird and he was turning around in the air.
I heard ‘beep, beep’
He jumped a huge jump and he said wow!
The crazy man had some round glasses on to keep the wind, dust and bugs off his eyes.
He stopped at the finishing line.  Wow, he is amazing!
By Lorena

I can’t believe my eyes.  He was flying like a fairy in the blue sky.
He zig-zagged down the path.  The path was bumpy as he sprung over some rocks and did a huge jump.  It was as high as the sky tower.
By Sophie O

How incredible, a mountain biker went on a wild narrow track.  He jumped from very high places.  It was very steep.  Dust flew everywhere.  Some paths were bumpy as he zoomed down the rocky track.
‘Hooray’ I said as he came to the end of the rocky track.
By Luca

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